Sexual Misconduct By Doctors

This web site is a service of Medical Patient Modesty, a non-profit organization that works to help educate patients and their families about how to have maximum modesty for procedures; how to stand up for their rights requesting a same-sex medical team for intimate procedures; and how to prevent sexual abuse by medical professionals. MPM also works to educate medical professionals on how to be more sensitive to patient modesty. Check out important information you should know.

The purpose of this informational web site is to help patients to know what they should do if they have been sexually abused by a medical professional. Check out How To Report Sexual Misconduct By a Medical Professional.

This educational web site contains tips on how patients can prevent sexual abuse by medical professionals.

Many doctors who have been disciplined for sexual misconduct continue to practice medicine. The state medical board doesn't go far enough to protect patients sometimes. Check out an article by Chicago Tribune about how doctor sex misconduct cases are monitored in secrecy. This is not right. The public deserves to know about sexual misconduct cases by doctors to protect themselves.

Latest Doctors Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Dr. Wameed Ateyah, Family Practice / General   (Schomberg, ON)

Dr. Marco Saucedo, OB/GYN  (Nogales, AZ)

Dr. John Carl Hoefs, Gastroenterology  (Irvine, CA)

Dr. Lynn Lindaman, Orthopedics  (West Des Moines, IA)

Dr. Hiralal Maheshwari, Endocrinology  (Crystal Lake, IL)

Dr. Fabio Ortega, OB/GYN  (Lincolnwood, IL)

Dr. Arun Veera, Family Practice / General   (Saginaw, MI)

Dr. Ikenna Adugba , Internal Medicine  (Denton, TX)

Dr. William Thompson IV , Internal Medicine  (Newport Beach, CA)

Dr. Calvin Weber, Dentistry  (Glenwood, IA)



** We are distributing stapled 12-page booklets to women about how they can protect themselves in medical settings and we are seeking volunteeers to help with distributing those booklets. We also need some financial support to pay for more booklets. You can see what the front cover of the booklet looks like by downloading this link. If you would like to volunteer to distribute booklets or support us financially, please

*Please join in our fundraiser on GoFundMe to distribute booklets to women. It is our goal to raise enough money for 100,000 booklets before the end of this year so we can distribute at least 100,000 booklets to women. *

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