Sexual Misconduct By Doctors

Sexual Misconduct Cases By Physicians In The News

This is a listing of some doctors that have been accused/charged with sexual misconduct based on third party public sources such as newspaper and magazine articles found on the Internet. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. When you click on the articles about a particular doctor, you will be taken to another web site that has nothing to do with this web site. Keep in mind that it is possible for some doctors to be falsely accused even though most sexual misconduct cases by physicians in the news are indeed true. The goal of this directory is to make it easier for you to find articles about doctors that have been accused of sexual misconduct in the news. It is very time consuming to do search on articles about sexual misconduct cases by doctors.

Allergy (1)
Internal Medicine (46)
Pediatric (18)
Anesthesiology (15)
Nephrology (3)
Physician Assistant (1)
Cardiology (9)
Neurology (15)
Plastic Surgery (10)
Chiropractic (21)
Neurosurgery (2)
Podiatry (3)
Dentistry (7)
OB/GYN (71)
Proctology (1)
Dermatology (4)
Oncology (2)
Psychiatry (13)
Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) (3)
Ophthalmology (1)
Pulmonology (2)
Emergency Medicine (9)
Oral Surgery (5)
Radiology (2)
Endocrinology (4)
Orthopedic Surgery (8)
Reproductive Endocrinology (2)
Family Practice / General (129)
Orthopedics (2)
Rheumatology (3)
Gastroenterology (12)
Pain Management (9)
Urology (2)
General Surgery (6)

Latest Doctors Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Donald Gronbeck, Family Practice / General   (Yellow Springs, OH)

Janaki Earla, Internal Medicine   (Trussville, AL)

James Heaps, OB/GYN   (Los Angeles, CA)

George Peter Chambers, OB/GYN   (Las Vegas, NV)

David Broadbent, OB/GYN   (Provo, UT)

Olumuyiwa Bamgbade, Anesthesiology   (Surrey, BC)

Justin Anderson, Chiropractic   (Boise, ID)

Josiah Hill, Emergency Medicine   (Port Angeles, WA)

Ricardo Cruciani, Pain Management   (New York, NY)

William Cone, Psychiatry   (Lexington, MO)


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