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A limited number of banner ads are available on Sexual Misconduct By Doctors' web site. Banner ads appear on the right side of almost every web page. Banner placement is limited and space availability depends. Banner ad placements are only available on a first come, first serve basis. If someone decides to not renew a top banner ad next year, you will have the option of getting that banner ad if you desire. For example, you paid for a $1,000 top 3rd banner ad and someone decides to not renew a top banner ($2,000), you have the option of getting that banner ad at an additional cost of $1,000. If you have a fourth top banner ad and someone drops out next year, your banner ad will automatically move up to the third top banner ad.

Doing a banner ad on this web site is a great way to support educating people on sexual misconduct by doctors & medical patient modesty and get more exposure to your business/organization's web site.

Here are the costs:

2 Top Banner ads - $2,000 per year (Still 2 left at this time)
2 Top 3rd and 4th Banner ads
- $1,000 per year (Still 2 left at this time)
5 Middle Banner ads - $800 per year (Still 5 left at this time)
Other Banner ads - $600

The sooner you pay for a banner ad, the better it is because your banner ad will be higher on the web page.

We could help to create a 150 X 130 banner for your business if it is not too complicated. You will be emailed an invoice.

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