Sexual Misconduct By Doctors
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Dr. George Tyndall

Specialty: OB/GYN

City / Location: Los Angeles, CA  

For 27 years, University of Southern California's student health clinic had one full-time gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall who treated thousands of females, still teenagers seeing a gynecologist for the first time. The complaints started in 1990's when co-workers complained he took pictures of students' genitals. The university let him practice for many years even after the complaints. His chaperones saw some creepy things that concerned them.

Articles in News

A USC doctor was accused of bad behavior with young women for years. The university let him continue treating students  (LA Times)

Former USC doctor accused of inappropriately touching students  (CNN)

‘Just the Grossest Thing’: Women Recall Interactions With U.S.C. Doctor  (The New York Times)

USC gynecologist investigated for improper exams, controversial comments  (CBS News)

Lawsuits accuse USC of covering up doc's sex abuse 'for decades'  (Fox News)

USC under federal probe over allegations gynecologist sexually assaulted hundreds of students  (Fox News)

Six Women Sue USC for Alleged Sexual Misconduct by Campus Gynecologist  (Fortune)

Former USC Gynecologist George Tyndall Arrested, Charged in Sex Assaults of 16 Patients  (KTLA 5)

Faculty, Students Brace For Financial Fallout From USC's $1 Billion Sexual Abuse Settlement  (LAist)

Prosecutor: Ex-USC Gynecologist Sold Sex Videos of Young Women He Lured to Hotel Rooms Abroad  (KTLA 5)

Ex-USC Gynecologist Accused of Sex Misconduct Found Dead  (my news )


Last Updated: 10/6/2023



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